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There are two main factors involved in planning the perfect trip: making sure everyone has fun and experiencing things you don't experience every day. Parowan is full of fun and exciting experiences. Click a photo below to plan out your next adventure!

life is sweet in parowan, utah.

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Located 11 miles west on Gap Rd, hike and enjoy the natural landscape and stumble upon fossilized evidence of the dinosaurs that used to inhabit Southern Utah. Hike the surrounding area with rocks to climb and lookouts to view beautiful sunsets from a choice vantage point. 

dinosaur tracks at the gap

Valentine Peak Hike is a difficult 5.9 mile hike with a 2267 elevation gain. This trail is clearly marked so even a first-timer to the area should be able to navigate all the way to the top and down again. An out and back totaling 7 miles round trip, this trail is not an easy climb and is considered moderate to advanced in difficulty. Although it is very safe, the elevation change can be challenging for less advanced hikers.

valentine peak hike

Built between 1863 and 1867 by pioneers establishing Utah's Mother Town with this iconic structure filled with historical pieces gathered over the past 150 years. Located on 90 S Main St, at Parowan's "Square of the Centuries". 
For tours and information call 435-477-1281.

The old rock church museum

Get an up close view and discover the fascinating tools and implements from Pioneer farming and industry along with a covered wagon and antique tractor.


A beautiful, peaceful place for fishing, non-motorized boats, hiking, camping and reflecting. Located just up Parowan Canyon (Hwy 143), turn left at 4 miles/Forebay)

yankee meadow reservoir

Just west of Parowan 11 miles on Gap Rd. Feel the reverence and experience the awe in the writings and drawings of the past inhabitants from approximately 500 A.D. Take a 0.4 mile stroll out and back on an all levels trail while you enjoy the natural, quiet surroundings. 

parowan gap petroglyphs

The oldest cemetery in Southern Utah located at 350 S Canyon Rd. Visit historical grave sites of previous historical figures. Marvel at the artistically carved markers of mid-1800 stone artists in a shady, reverent setting.

parowan's historic cemetery

Hidden Haven is a moderate 1.4 mile with a 275 ft elevation hike ending in a 20 ft waterfall.

hidden haven hike

Heritage Park contains several bronze statues that tell the story of Parowan. Parowan Heritage Park also has a small spring that bubbles out of the rocks. It is located at 19 Old Highway 91.

parowan Heritage Park

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